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Jack’s Bravery Video

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Please watch Jack’s Bravery Video and be inspired…

Jack\’s Bravery Video

My heart is bursting with love and pride!


Another milestone – Jack can swim!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Monday  8:00am

This weekend was another milestone for Jack – he came  home from Bloorview for the weekend and went for his first post-op swim!

I can’t express in words how joyful it was to see Jack laugh and play with Christopher.  They loved pretending to be sharks and pirates and they were both exhausted afterwards.

I feel like Jack is officially back!  His sweet, funny disposition has returned and I am cherishing every single moment right now.

And we’ve received great news – Jack will be moving back home for good this Friday!

We are so excited and we still haven’t seen any seizures since his last surgery on January 25th.  We are back at SickKids again this week for a follow-up with his neurosurgeon, Dr. Rutka.  We know that the seizures can return at any moment, but the doctors remain very encouraged that Jack is doing so well post-op.  We continue to celebrate every healthy day!


Jack’s my inspiration!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Monday 9:00am

Jack continues to do amazingly well and surprise us every day with his progress.  He was home again for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed his time with Christopher.  They even went to the park yesterday and enjoyed the sun!  We found out last week that Jack only has 3 more weeks to go at Bloorview and then he will be home for good – yeah!!!  He still needs a lot of therapy and once he returns home he will receive therapy through Erin Oaks and we will make a transition plan for him to gradually go back to school.

And the best part is still no seizures!!!!!  We’re back at SickKids this week and next for post-surgery follow-ups and I can’t wait for his doctors to see him run down the hallway!  It actually brings tears to my eyes as I type this just thinking of the progress Jack has made since we last left SickKids with him in a wheelchair and otherwise bed-ridden.

On a personal note, I must share with you why Jack continues to be my inspiration!  I ran the Chilly Half Marathon yesterday and every time throughout those 21km that I felt like stopping, I repeated my running mantra over and over in my mind:  “If Jack can run…so can I!”  The feeling of crossing the finish line seemed to bring about such a sense of accomplishment for me that we have been able to survive these past couple of months.  I feel on top of the world and am just so overjoyed to have two healthy children for today, who both can run…just like mom!  🙂

Have a great day and enjoy the sun!