Jack’s Bravery Video

Please watch Jack’s Bravery Video and be inspired…

Jack\’s Bravery Video

My heart is bursting with love and pride!


3 Responses to “Jack’s Bravery Video”

  1. Henry & Mary says:

    We believe!
    Pretty inspiring!!!
    Way to go Jack, and Jodi and your brother and your family…..
    Way to go God….answered prayers and more answered prayers.
    Keep on smiling, hoping, trusting, leaning, and believing.
    And we’ll keep on praying!!
    love, awestruck and believing, henry and mary

  2. june says:

    Am smiling and weeping at the same time! This is a wonderful testament to you Jack and your whole family. Thank you for setting such an example for us all – your bravery bead necklace is awesome.
    May 29th is saved!!
    Have a good weekend and keep up the good work at rehab.
    Love June

  3. Glen & Kimberly Amis says:

    that was a humbling thing to watch Jodi. God indeed does perform miracles. Awesome.

    Glen & Kimberly

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