Jack can talk!

Tuesday, 10:30am

Jack rested comfortably in the ICU last night and has been moved back up to the Neurosurgery ward 5C.  Today’s picture was taken in the ICU and shows him sleeping, with his stuffed monkey beside him.

I am so encouraged with Jack’s post-op progress so far.  The biggest surgical risks, other than the obvious risk of the seizures not stopping, were that Jack may not be able to talk or move his face, arm, or leg on the right-hand side of his body (the surgeons were optimistic that if these deficits occurred that they likely wouldn’t be permanent)…

So, I am THRILLED to write that Jack said “I love you” to Dave last night and I was moved to tears this morning when in response to me asking Jack if he wanted me to hug him, he opened his eyes and reached up and hugged me with this right arm.  There are no words to describe how this felt.

I am feeling really positive, optimistic and hopeful that Jack will recover well from this surgery and that he will be able to play his DS within a couple of days!

Please continue to pray that he rests comfortably today and that we continue to see no seizures as he recovers.


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  1. Rev. Jacqui says:


    Great to hear such a happy and hope-filled update!
    We continue to fill God’s ears and God’s heart with prayers for Jack’s recovery.

    Rev. Jacqui

  2. June says:

    In full praying and thankful mode! Way to go, Yeildings. June

  3. Rev. Mike says:

    Way to Go!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow – Jack you are an amazing young man. We praise God for you and for your wonderful family. Keep on talking, and keep on asking for more Ice-cream. Don’t forget my favourite flavour is chocolate! 🙂

    Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Mike

  4. Tracey Wilson says:

    Wonderful news, Jodi! We celebrate with you and your family, and praise God for his faithfulness!

  5. Pam Leonard says:

    Way to go JACK, Jodi that is wonderful news for you all, our prayers
    will be continuous for you all – I am sure Jack will soon be asking for
    his favourite food soon – a big bowl of ice cream.
    Lots of love and Blessings – Auntie Pam

  6. The Gales Family says:

    Wow that is fantastic news we are so happy that is a great step on his road to recovery.

    Love Lucy Eric Sam and Alice x

  7. Nathalie Pignatiello says:

    you have moved me to tears….that is excellent news!!!!! Go Jack go!

  8. Janet and Ernie Frers says:

    Praise the Lord. WE will continue to uplift him in prayer…..and you and your family. Give our love to everyone…..

    Love Uncle Ernie, Aunt Janet and Jackie and Tracey. Hopefully someday you will be able to meet your first cousins here in B.C.

  9. Izabela, Maya, Daniel & Dave says:

    Hi Jack,
    We just wanted to say Hello and let you know that we think you’re really strong and make us all feel that anything is possible if you try really really hard.
    I’m not very good at DS- when you’re feeling better I’m hoping you can teach me some tricks.

  10. The Ivan Family says:

    My goodness! I wept openly when reading your update today!!! What a marvelous, wonderful news! Jodi and Dave, we can’t imagine how Jack’s responses to you must have felt after this long, long road;) Enjoy your little boy while he recovers, and we will continue to keep Jack in our prayers.

    Much love,
    Kristi, Darryl, Luke and Paige

  11. Auntie Eleanor says:

    I was moved to tears when I read today’s heading – ‘Jack can talk’.
    We have an amazing awesome God !
    Continuing to uphold all of you in prayer.
    Love you all.

  12. Jayne says:


  13. Lori Hacker says:

    So happy to hear that things are looking better than they were last week! Please send big hugs!


  14. Bonnie & your friends at Buskerfest says:

    Jodi, Dave & Jack, such WONDERFUL news! Everyone at Buskerfest and Epilepsy Toronto is keeping you in our thoughts & prayers!

  15. Riley, Carolyn Wiebe and family says:

    We are so happy to hear that Jack is well on his way to recovery. We have a Amazing God who answers prayers and performs healing miracles. We as a family will continue to pray for Jack and your family.

    Riley, Carolyn Wiebe and family

  16. Marc and Sandra Morneau says:

    Dave, Jodi, Jack and Christopher;

    Praise the Lord, he is great! Jack he will get you through your long journey, just look at where you are today, great progress. I have shed soooo many tears of joy for you and your family over the past week. Our prayers for you, your family and your medical team have been answered. We will continue to pray for all of you as you continue on your journey to recovery. Please be patient, keep the chin up and we will see you on your feet very soon. God Bless!
    Marc and Sandra Morneau

  17. The Calder Family says:

    This is FANTASTIC news!!! Jack, we are so proud of you… you’re true spirit, bravery, and strength are very inspiring and admirable. This journey has been extremely emotionally and physically draining for all of you. We are so glad that the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly and Jack is making tremendous progress. God has answered our prayers and we know that He will continue to watch over all of you. You’ve made our day, thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us Jodi!

    Lots of love,
    Paul, Rosemarie, Sarah & Eric

  18. Anne McEachnie says:

    Great news full steam ahead with the busterfest behind you and alot of us.
    I knew God hurd my prayers and others God speed to you and one step at
    a time Mom and Dad and alot of Ice Cream,,,Love you

  19. Henry & Mary says:

    Way to go Jack!
    You’re proving that God does answer prayer.
    Keep on talking and moving.
    And we’ll keep on praying!
    love, henry & mary

  20. The Sharp Family says:

    Praise God! What wonderful news. Jack, you are one awesome kiddo! Our family continues to pray for Jack’s speedy recovery–and for Jodi, Dave and Christopher also.

    Laura, Brian, Colin & Ewan

  21. Jen Di Fronzo says:

    Jack & Family my heart smiles with you!!

    Many More Blessings To Come

    Miss Jennifer

  22. Hoyle Family says:

    Glad to hear Jack is recovering well and is making great strides to a full recovery.

    We will keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers!

    Kristina, Spencer, Mitchell and Anna

  23. christy shake says:

    dear jodi,

    reading this made me cry. so glad for all of you. this is very good news. as a mom of a boy with intractable epielpsy i know too well the fears and trepidation that come with any treatment for the disease. i hope things continue to improve.


  24. Daniel says:

    Praise God for these wonderful news!

    Jodi, thank you for sharing – it moved our hearts so much.

    Daniel & Sunny

  25. Karen says:

    This is wonderful news! I’ve been following Jack’s story at Ladies Bible Study and just heard about the blog today, which I will continue to follow. I am familiar with Hugh MacMillan and the great work that they do. I’ve been praying for all of you and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work Jack!

    Thank you for sharing Jodi. You will be glad that you put all these details down.My husband did something similar when I had a stroke 4 years ago and it’s great to look back at the progress however small it may be.


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