Jack recovering from surgery…again :)

Monday 3:30pm

Jack’s third brain surgery is over and Jack’s medical team feels that it went extremely well and as planned.  Jack’s left frontal lobe has been removed and the rest of his brain appears healthy from the surgeon’s perspective.  It was also really fantastic news to hear that Jack’s skull was able to be reattached during this surgery (part of it was removed and left off after the second emergency surgery) and that he will not be facing a fourth brain surgery later this week, which was a possibility.  Jack will now be going to the ICU shortly and I expect to see him within the hour.

This surgery has given Jack a 60% chance at a cure from his seizures and whether the surgery is successful will be revealed to us over time now.  Essentially, Jack will either continue to have seizures or he won’t.  At this point, due to many complicated factors, it is a wait and see game.

We are extremely overwhelmed by this possibility of a new life for our little boy.  Jack still has a long way to go in his recovery and it could take up to six weeks to fully recovery.  Over the coming days, we will better understand what Jack’s recovery may look like and develop a plan around it.

This picture was taken right before surgery this morning.  Again, Jack was playing his beloved DS as he drifted off to sleep.  I was also allowed to stay with Jack as he drifted off to sleep, which is why I’m wearing the suit and cap.

This journey has been extremely emotional and I can’t believe that Jack has endured over 20 hours of brain surgery within the past week.  He still has a long ways to go, but for today, we are thrilled and over the moon with joy.

I am amazed and inspired by Jack and so grateful for the skill and wisdom of his medical team at SickKids.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  Please continue to pray as Jack now recovers and we wait and see how his new life unfolds.



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  1. Shawna and Family says:

    Hooray! The last surgery is complete! So happy to hear that all went well. Hoping with all my heart that you will hear Jack say hello to you within the next few days. Thanks for updating. So proud of Jack and how much he has withstood this week, and so proud of you Jodi for being so strong. xox

  2. June says:

    Oh Jodi, This is wonderful news. You must all be exhausted. Take care of yourself over the next few days as Jack recovers – what a trooper he is.
    Holding you all in our thoughts and prayers – there is a little nest developing there with all of you comfortably perched inside.
    Sending you positive vibes. June

  3. Glen & Kimberly Amis says:

    Hi Jack! So glad you are doing great! Don’t forget to ask for ice cream again! Praying for you as you get better.

    Love and prayers,
    the Amis family

  4. Rose says:

    Hurray!!! What a good update!

    Praise God that all went well — look forward to sharing “Jack’s new life” with you. You have done great Jack — Keep up your courage and bravery!

    Rose and Lauren

  5. Carol says:

    Dear Jodi,

    You don’t know me personally but I have been following your dear Jack’s brave story in our local Oakville paper which led me to Jack’s website. I have been praying for Jack and his doctors and was so relieved to see that Jack’s surgery went so well. I have asked many of my friends to pray as well and to send cards. Before my retirement I had the honour of teaching many children who had special needs who often experienced seizures so have some understanding of the challenges these brave little souls faced. I will continue to pray for Jack and his family.

  6. Rev. Mike says:

    The look on both your faces today was wonderful as you received the news from the surgeon. Yes, there is still a long way to go, but you are on the right path. Continue to know that you are all upheld in our prayers.

    Oh, is Jack still holding onto his DS? 🙂

    Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Mike

  7. Auntie Eleanor says:

    This message is from Auntie Marlene:
    Dear Jodi,
    Very proud of you !
    Have been lovingly praying & will continue to do so.
    I’m grateful for the Great Physician.
    Very much love,
    A. Marlene

  8. Jim and Barbara Mulock says:

    That’s wonderful news. Everyone’s prayers have been answered for the present and hopefully the future.

    Jack is so fortunate to have such loving parents and family support.

  9. Henry & Mary says:

    Finally found your blog.
    Have been praying and will continue to do so.
    Wishing Jack and all the rest of you the very
    best and God’s peace!
    love henry & mary

  10. Nita says:


    Praise and Glroy to God. He is the greatest doctor of all and Turst me He was with the doctors helping them to do this surgery well. I am so thrilled to see Jack with his eyes open and you with a happy smile. Mamma, you must feel so relieved now that all the surgeries are over. Jack will certainly get back to normal life before you know it. He is a fighter and God is with him for sure.

    A big hug to you and Jack.



  11. Anne McEachnie says:

    Jack speedie recovery and all my prayer have been on hold just for you.
    So now God really know that you are special
    Hope to see you at church, I ll give you a ride
    like I did years ago.
    special hug

  12. Daniel says:

    Dear Jack,

    you are the bravest boy! We are so proud of you and we wish you a fast recovery. We’ll keep praying for you and your family.

    Much love,

    Daniel & Sunny

  13. The Klein's says:

    way to go jack! congrats on the hopefully final surgery!! Rest up and enjoy your DS for the days when you are recovering. Big hugs to you…
    Joan and the rest of the family

  14. Ulrika says:

    Fantastic!!! Rasmus and Ludvig have been asking so much about you Jack, and now I can finally tell them that you will be ok and hopefully be able to play with them soon.
    Big, big hugs to you and your wonderful family.
    Ulrika and the rest of the family

  15. Lisa says:

    Dear Jodi,
    Although you don`t know me we live in the same neighbourhood and my daughter goes to the same school as Jack. We have attended Jack`s Lemonade on your street the last 2 years in a row.
    I am so very happy to hear that Jack`s surgeries have gone well. I hope and pray that these surgeries will bring your sweet little boy a new life that is seizure free.
    As a mother of 2 young children that were both patients of Sick Kids hospital from birth I truly admire your families positive attitude along with your hard work and efforts to raise so much money for the hospital. When you first find out that there is something wrong with your beautiful baby it is so easy to get angry and feel sorry for yourself but instead your family took those sour lemons and you chose to turn them into lemonade, literally! You are truly an amazing family.
    I wish Jack the speediest of recoveries and look forward to seeing him at the next Jack`s Lemonade.
    Wishing you all nothing but health and happiness.
    Praying and fingers crossed,

  16. Donna Newman says:

    Dear Jack and family,
    You don’t know me but I read about you on facebook. You are an amazing young man. I am truely touched by your story. I have been praying for you and your family.
    You are my inspiration!!!!!! Thank you.

    Prayers and lots of love,
    Donna Newman

  17. Melissa Morneau says:

    Great news! Tammy has been keeping us all up-dated. We are so happy for you and Jack and your family,we wish you all the best from this point and we wish Jack much happiness and HEALTH!

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