Jack having 3rd surgery tomorrow!

Sunday, 9:00am

We received exciting news yesterday that Jack is able to have his third brain surgery tomorrow morning  at 8:00am.  This surgery will involve the removal of his entire left frontal lobe (about the size of my fist).  The surgery will last approximately 6 hours and Jack will again go to the ICU (his third admission there within a week!) post-op.

He has a 60% chance at being cured of his seizures with this surgery.  There are risks involved, including potential speech and right arm mobility issues, but overall Jack’s medical team is confident that this is the best treatment option for Jack.  I am so grateful that Jack has this option, as many children with seizures don’t.

Jack is resting comfortably today and was able to resume playing his DS yesterday, as featured in today’s picture!  Christopher came for a visit yesterday and Jack really enjoyed seeing him.    Jack’s teacher, Mrs. Boast, also came by and presented him with a bravery certificate!

It makes my heart so warm whenever I think of the outpouring of love that Jack and our family continues to receive throughout this time.   I know that it is making a big difference to Jack.  THANK YOU!


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  1. The Ivan Family says:

    Dear Jack, It’s great to see you playing your DS! Have fun resting up today and we will be thinking about you tomorrow!

    Our prayers are with you for a full and complete recovery and a very bright future!!

    With love,
    Kristi, Darryl, Luke and Paige


  2. The Maxwell's says:

    Wonderful news! We are thinking of you Jack, be strong! Your family loves you very much and will be there for you~think positive!
    The Maxwells- Lindsay, Trish, Dave and Laura

  3. Monika and David Platt says:

    You are a blessings to us all Jack! Thank you for teaching me what true bravery is. You are a surviver who hopefully knows that you are surrounded with prayers and loved ones.

    Much love,
    Monika and David

  4. Janet and Ernie Frers says:

    Hi Jack, we are praying for you as you go through this surgery. You are one brave boy. Although we have never met you we are related to you as we are your mom’s uncle and aunt. Let God’s loving hands surround you and hold you during this time.

    Uncle Ernie, Aunt Janet and your second cousins Jackie and Tracey

  5. Jim and Barbara Mulock says:

    To Jack and all his family,

    Jim and I are thinking of you often. We are confident that you will have a truly successful outcome. You are brave and strong, are much loved by so many and in our prayers.

    Hugs to all,

    Jim and Barbara

  6. Rob Gaudreau says:

    Hang in there Jack, you too Jodi and Dave. We’re praying for all the best from this.


  7. Pam Leonard says:

    Hi there Jack, what a brave little boy you are, I saw your Daddy
    in church this morning and we prayed for you all, we miss you
    and hope it won’t be to long before we see you around at the
    Church again, I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow.
    Blessings to you and your little brother Christopher. Lots of Love
    Auntie Pam

  8. Kayla says:

    To Jack and Family
    You and you whole family are so brave.
    My friend has a seizure once, and it is really scary
    I am so glad that you can have the chance to help him.
    Have a safe recovery!
    Have fun with your DS Jack (try to beat the game)
    -btw I loved the lemonade you gave out at whole foods earlier in the summer 🙂

  9. Kayla says:

    hey again;
    Jack and Family
    I know i commented o on this before but maybe you could make a group on facebook because that could raise awareness.
    Just a suggestion 🙂

  10. Sandra Morneau says:

    Dave, Jodi, Jack and Christopher;

    We are continuing with our thoughts and prayers for all of you as everyone proceeds with the next step of Jack’s journey. Remember Jack, God has been with you right along and will continue to guide you through tough times and good times. God Bless and good luck tomorrow to you and your medical team and we will be anxiously awaiting to hear from Mom on the blog for the success story. Keep your chin up!

    Marc and Sandra Morneau

  11. The Calder Family says:

    Dear Jack,

    You are a very special boy who has touched all of our lives. Your strength and bravery continue to amaze us daily. We are happy to see that you had a nice visit with Christopher yesterday. We hope you enjoyed some ice-cream together!

    We wish you all the very best for tomorrow’s surgery. We will be thinking of you all day and praying very hard for you and your family. We can’t wait to have you back home so please get better soon!

    Lots of love,
    Rosemarie, Paul, Sarah & Eric

  12. June says:

    This is good news, Jack. You have been such a brave boy through all this.
    Shall be thinking and praying for all of you tomorrow. I just know you are going to be eating ice-cream again very soon.
    Hang in there! Love June

  13. Crystal, Steve, Emma and Jack Graham (Mulock) says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that your cousins in Rockport, Ontario are thinking of you and wishing you all the best tomorrow! We look forward to meeting you and sharing some ice cream with you someday soon! Hugs! xoxox

  14. christy shake says:

    dear jack,

    you are such a brave little boy!!!! you’re mom and dad must be so proud of you. you have not met me but i have a little six year old boy named calvin who has some things in common with you. we live in the state of maine with our chocolate lab rudy. we are thinking of you a whole bunch and hope you get well soon after your surgery.

    hang tough,

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