Jack is having ice cream for breakfast!

Saturday, 9:00am

Jack is making a solid recovery from his surgeries and is well enough to have asked for ice cream this morning!

The medical team was able to successfully complete all of the essential testing yesterday and Jack did a great job throughout all of it.  The team was really impressed with Jack’s cooperation!  I was so proud of him!  The doctors now have all of the information they need to make a decision about the next surgery.

So, today is a big day.  At some point, Dave and I will be having a case conference with Jack’s team to discuss the potential for a third surgery Monday morning.  At this meeting, the team will present a plan for surgery and the associated risks.

Thank you again to everyone who has been so supportive and continues to keep us in their prayers!   It truly means so much to us and is really sustaining us through this time.


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  1. Jaime says:

    I sure hope you got a big bowl of ice cream for breakfast Jack! And Jodi, we will be praying for wisdom for you Dave as you have to make some big decisions today! Love you guys!


  2. Rev. Mike says:

    What flavour? You passed, with flying colours, well done! Don’t eat all the ice-cream, save some for me!

    Mum and Dad, we’ll keep on praying for you and the whole team as you make decisions today – may you continue to know God’s presence in all you do.

    Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Mike

  3. Daryl Yeo says:

    Great to hear that Jack is doing well after a pretty rough week. Having gone through a similar week with Lindsay a number of years ago, we can really appreciate how stressful its been for all of you.

    Best of luck with your session today – another big step in the long journey. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for good news.

    Daryl & Leslie

  4. June says:

    Way to go, Jack! Think it is safe to say that whatever flavour you want, you may have. Looking forward to lots more ice-cream when the weather warms up.
    Thinking of you.
    Hang in there Yeildings. June

  5. Jen Di Fronzo says:


    Save some ice cream for me!! So happy to hear all the prayers are being answered and will continue to do so as the days progress!

    Miss Jennifer

  6. John John says:

    Dear Jack
    I hope you get better soon. I am going to pray tonight for you. I want you to come out of the hospital soon so we can play. I want to see your new Super Mario game. Can I play it when I come over.
    Love John John

  7. Jessica says:

    This is such great news! I’m so glad Jack is feeling better and that the testing is complete.
    Jodi, good luck today asking questions and getting all of the info you need. I am always thinking about you and Jack.

  8. Rosemarie, Paul, Sarah & Eric says:

    Hi Jack,

    You are getting stronger and stronger every day and we are SO PROUD of you. We miss your smiling face on Sandstone Drive and are anxiously awaiting your return home. We will continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    When you come back home, we will have lots of ice-cream waiting for you! Perhaps you can teach us how to play some games on DS…we hear you’re quite an expert!

    Lots of love,
    Sarah & Eric

  9. Auntie Eleanor says:

    Hi Jodi, Jack & all the rest of the Family,
    We are happy you are this far along on this huge ‘journey’.
    Have been checking the Blog/emails several times a day, and are praying for a miraculous outcome.
    You have the best surg/med team, and you also have the Great Physician.
    A big ‘Hello’ from Tante Frieda & Tante Margaret in STBH.
    Love, A.Eleanor

  10. Shawna and Family says:

    Hi Jack,
    Ice cream sounds great! We are so proud of how well you are doing!
    Thinking of you guys as you discuss the next surgery.
    xo Shawna

  11. Claire Carver-Dias says:

    Hi Jack,

    Mmmm. Yummy ice cream! What a great way to start the day.

    We will continue to pray for you, and your mom and dad as they discuss the next surgery.

    Claire, Doug, Chloe and Evelina Dias

  12. Jenny Walton says:

    mi Jodi,

    Thinking of you & your family today and hoping for really good positive news in your meeting.

    Jenny & Andrew

  13. Lauren U says:

    Jack’s strength, your strength, your family’s strength, all amaze me more and more. Continuing to pray for you all each day!

  14. Kimberly & Glen A says:

    Hi Jack! I hope you get all the icecream you want! Praying for you and your mummie too!!

    the Amis Family

  15. Evan (almost 10!) and Martina (almost 6!) says:

    Dear Jack,

    I hope you’re feeling better. You have to be really brave to go through all that you’re going through. Sick Kids is a really cool hospital. That hospital ROCKS!

    My mom told us about you. She met your mom at the AFP Conference in December. Our family supports Sick Kids. For the last 2 years on our birthday’s in March, we have been telling people to not bring presents, but to support Sick Kids Hospital (Martina visits often for all of her adventure injuries…two broken arms). After reading about you, we would like to invite you to our birthday party in March if you’re feeling better(details still being worked out), and we would like this year, to have our guests donate to Jack’s Lemonade Stand.

    I hope this makes your day a little brighter!

    Big hug to you and your family,

    Evan and Martina

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