WOW! Jack can run!

Friday 7:30am

Watch Jack in action!  We are SO proud of him!

Click the link:  “Jack Running at Bloorview

He has made great progress again this week and his coming home for the weekend.  He is moving more and more and making great strides.  He still has a really long way to go with his speech and he is still tiring very easily, but every day he is stronger!

13 Responses to “WOW! Jack can run!”

  1. Dave Kvesic says:

    Holy smokes Jack- that was Olympic fast.
    Do you think you can beat your dad?
    I’m hoping you can teach Maya to run like that when you come over.

    Big hugs from Izabela, Maya, Daniel and Dave.

  2. Lillian Boast says:

    Wow good for you Jack! We miss you at school!
    Love Mrs. Boast and your friends in grade 2!

  3. Rev. Mike says:

    Hey Jack, next time I say you I’ll challenge you to a race – I think you might win!

    Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Mike

  4. The Calder Family says:

    This is such fantastic news!!! Jack, we are so proud of you! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

    Love from,
    Paul, Rosemarie, Sarah & Eric

  5. June says:

    See Jack run! Run Jack run! This is the best news I have had today. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend at home with your family. June

  6. Diane says:

    Amazing progress, what a runner! Kids can persevere through almost anything with the support of a fantastic family and community and you clearly have both from your family and friends to your church. I am in awe!

    I got shivers watching Jack run, no seizures in 26 days must make it worth the speech being a little slower than the running.

    Take advantage of people’s compassion with a wheel chair for Jack now because in no time Jack and Christopher will just be “2 more rowdy boys out in public” that older people will glare at. Funny how being “that lady with the 2 noisy boys” will be a God-send to you and others will never know that you are thrilled to have boisterous boys on your hands!! My brother was ecstatic the day his son was “the boy who wouldn’t stop talking” at age 4 because he is autistic and talking suddenly clicked for him! To everyone else, he was the annoying kid at the Disney movie!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Daniel says:

    Wow – this is amazing!!!

    Jack, you are making such great progress. We are so proud of you.
    Just a few more weeks then you will be home again.

    With all our love,

    Daniel & Sunny

  8. Jen Di Fronzo says:

    Thinking Of You!!

    Keep It Up Jack

  9. Bonnie & your friends at Buskerfest says:

    Hey Jack……GREAT NEWS you are running and getting better!! We are all “cheering” for you!! Hang in there Jodi, sounds like things are improving each day!!! Love Bonnie

  10. the Hazen family says:

    That’s amazing! We’re thinking about you Jack & family!

    The Hazens

  11. Shawna and Family says:

    AWESOME! Bet you could keep up with your mom at the chilly 1/2 this weekend!
    So happy to see that video!
    xoxo Shawna

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