Christopher is being the best little brother!

Wednesday 7:00am

Thank you to those of you who have taken a moment to think of and pray for Christopher, Jack’s 3-yr-old brother!  And the balloons from Helen, Dave, Ally, and Ryan across the street were a particular hit with him!  In all the craziness of commuting, not being home and giving Jack so much attention, Christopher has really had to be strong throughout all of this!

He is such a special little guy and the best little brother.  Since Jack has been gone, Christopher sleeps in Jack’s bed every night by himself and asks every night when Jack is coming back.  He just doesn’t get why Jack has to be away for so long and he misses his big brother a lot.  It was also hard for him last weekend when Jack came home and still got most of the attention because he requires constant care.  The one thing Christopher did find cool though was Jack’s wheelchair!  He kept asking when it was his turn for a ride and at one point tried to eject Jack from the chair!  Thank goodness for seatbelts!  My biggest fear was that Christopher would try to give Jack a ride around the house in the chair and sending him flying down the basement stairs, so you can start to see why constant supervision is required on the weekends around here.

As for Jack, Grandma is still taking amazing care of him at Bloorview.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such an incredible mom.  She has been a rock for Jack (and me!) and the most incredible support.  Thanks MOM!  I will have to nominate her for a MOTHER OF THE YEAR award!  If anyone knows of any contests, please let me know!

I am so excited to see Jack tomorrow morning.  I miss him so much and find it tough to be away from him.  I called him a couple of times yesterday and he was able to tell me that he loves me.  🙂


6 Responses to “Christopher is being the best little brother!”

  1. The Ivan Family says:

    What an adorable picture and thanks Jodi for the update on Christopher! How special that he is sleeping in Jack’s bed. And my heart aches to think of how lonely he is without his best buddy and brother.

    Hope you are feeling better!


  2. Henry & Mary says:

    Christopher should also get a medal!
    And also the parents and grand parents!
    We keep on hoping and praying!
    There’s a lot of e-mails going up to the
    Great Physician. Seems like He’s listening.
    Wishing Jack and all of you the very best!
    love, henry and mary

  3. Gwen says:

    Christopher must be special. Hope you had some special time with him while home. God bless.

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