Jack’s recovery will be 8-10 weeks

Thursday, 8:15am

This picture was taken four weeks before surgery and is one of my favourite pictures of Jack.  I have this photo posted on his hospital room door so that all of the doctors and nurses who enter see Jack as the smiling, happy, mischievous boy he is.

Jack’s morphine has now been stopped and his pain is being fairly well managed.  He continues to sleep most of the day.  They have removed Jack’s head dressing so that the scars on his head can start to heal.  The multiple scars are large and  quite a strong visual for us.  Jack has not seen a mirror, but will reach his hands up and feel them occasionally.  I  am determined to have Jack feel confident about his scars over time and for him to come to view them as “war wounds” in his battle to overcome seizures.  Scars are an extremely small price to pay for a new lease on life!  I also need to find Jack some hats, so that he doesn’t feel self-conscious in the short-term.  Thank you to Lululemon who sent a hockey hat 🙂

We found out yesterday that Jack will likely be at SickKids for another week or two and then will likely be transferred over to be inpatient at Bloorview Macmillan Rehab Centre in Toronto for 6-8 weeks, where he will be part of their Acquired Brain Injury Rehab program.  This program will involve a combination of speech, physical, and occupational therapy to maximize Jack’s post-surgery recovery.   So it could still be a long time until Jack is able to return to Oakville, but every day things change around here, so Jack could end up being home sooner (or later) than anticipated.

The goal is to have Jack sit up in a chair today and to begin eating, so that we can remove his feeding tube.  His little body has been through so much that even sitting up will require tremendous effort.

Please pray that Jack continues to be the amazingly strong little boy he is as he begins his long road to recovery.


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  1. Henry & Mary says:

    Nice picture of Jack.
    Hope and pray that the recovery will go well.
    Good that he doesn’t have to walk the journey alone!
    You also have Someone walking beside you.
    Wishing you all well!!!
    love, henry & mary

  2. Deb says:

    Hi Jodi,
    I woke up in the night and prayed for you and Jack. I am thrilled to continually hear the positive news … in the midst of a horrible journey for you both. I, as just a fellow sojourner in this world am proud of you both. You are both warriors and very brave.

  3. christy shake says:

    incredible that it will be a six to eight week recovery. the same or less than a broken bone. amazing what those docs can do these days. best of luck to you all. you’re resiliency is amazing. christy

  4. Glen & Kimberly Amis says:

    Sounds like a long time, but in God’s timing, a mere drop in the bucket. Praying for you all as Jack recovers in leaps and bounds.

    Glen & Kimberly Amis

  5. Rev. Mike says:

    Hi Jack,

    It was great to see you today, even if Mr. Sleepy was also there. I know that everyone is very proud of you, but I also know that you are very proud of your mummy and daddy, and of course your wee brother Christopher. Just know that you are deeply loved by us all, but especially by our Father in heaven.

    The Lord Bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His radiance upon you and give you His peace.

    Yours in Christ,:)

    Rev. Mike

  6. Jim and Barbara Mulock says:

    Hi Jack, Dave and Jodi,
    These little steps will be the road to recovery. When Jack goes to Bloorview, keep us posted. The daughter of a good friend is head of fund raising and has 2 boys of her own. I am sure she will visit Jack often if she knows that he is a “resident”.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Best to you all,
    Jim and Barbara xoxo and for Jack XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  7. June says:

    Every day is a triumph and every step towards recovery is a victory in itself. Someday soon,we will all look back on this, smile and think it was worth all the heartache and pain.
    Hang in there, Yeildings (your name belies the strength you all display – maybe we should change it to Unyeildings??)
    Thinking of you. June

  8. Pam Leonard says:

    You are one brave little boy and are in our thoughts and prayers constantly
    I hope when you get to sit in that chair you will be eating some ice cream
    your favourite food.
    Lots of love to Mummy, Daddy and Christopher.
    Keep Smiling and be Happy.
    Blessings Always – Auntie Pam

  9. Annemarie & Bill Waddell says:

    I’m sure many people have been touched by your wonderful little boy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a good recovery.

  10. I’m sure many people have been touched by your wonderful little boy. Our prayers and thoughts are with you for a good recovery.

  11. Diane says:

    You are such an amazing kid Jack, I follow your mom’s blog and admire your whole family.

    I was in a big car crash when I was 9 and am covered in scars, my parents helped me understand how cool they were because they made me unique. The main one people see goes across my whole forehead and through my eyebrow and I love my scar on my face. When I was a teenager, a plastic surgeon offered to “reduce” it and I said no thanks. When I had my grad photo taken in high school, they airbrushed it off and I made them put it back on. I also have scars all down my stomach and back that are there for everyone to see when I go swimming. I love them!

    Scars are very cool and make you unique with a cool story of adventure, fighting, spirit, ambition and courage. Embrace the scars, love the scars, I still do and mine are from 26 years ago now!!!

  12. Darian Wiebe says:

    Hi Jack.We have been praying for you regularly.Watching you great recovery has hugely blessed us and encouraged us at this end.We wont stop praying now.Keep up the hard work.

  13. Erica Wiebe says:

    i have been praying for Jack really hard, one night i couldn’t sleep, so i spent a while praying. I am SO happy he’s doing better. he sounds like such a sweet kid.
    p.s i also hope he can play his DS soon! GOD BLESS1

  14. Anne McEachnie says:

    Jack My little brother( in spirit), you have a long road ahead of you but you are not
    alone. You may stumble and fall but you will continue to walk on.
    You have the scars to reminded you of the sparks that I hope never return, God willing
    they never do. Peace and rest , I can wait for my smile, as that one is THE SPECIAL ONE
    and Rev Mike knows so you just keep on kicking up a fuss about getting up and talking
    and moving around. Love you much… Anne

  15. Jenny says:

    God bless u all, take each day with a deep breath, much hope and much faith. It’s amazing how kids are so resilient and come bouncing back every time. Jack’s smile says it all so keep smiling with him, this will be a key part of his recovery process.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jenny 🙂

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