Jack is out of the ICU!

We are very encouraged that Jack’s recovery is going as planned so far!

Post-surgery, Jack remained unconscious yesterday afternoon in the ICU and rested relatively comfortably overnight.  He woke up a number of times throughout the night, but for the most part his pain was managed well.

I am in awe of how he is doing this and am amazed by the other children around him too.

We are also so grateful to Jack’s medical team.  During yesterday’s surgery, up to 20 people were in the operating room at the same time!

Jack had a CT scan this morning, which confirmed that the surgery went as planned yesterday, and is now resting up on 5C.  He drifts in and out of sleep and remains quite groggy.  He doesn’t appear to be in too much pain and, understandably, only gets really bothered when being poked and prodded.  The doctors are now analyzing his seizures and are hoping to do more testing tomorrow.  Jack’s nurses are also incredible and treating Jack like the special little guy he is.

As for Dave and I, we are both holding up really well so far.  We’ve been able to get some sleep and I was able to get out for a run this morning.

Please continue to pray for Jack’s recovery and that the information the doctors are gathering will lead to Jack being able to have the second surgery, which represents a potential cure for him.

And please continue your notes, thoughts, cards and prayers.  They are really making a huge difference to Jack!

Lots of love,


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  1. Carmine Naccarato says:

    Hi Jodi,

    It warms my heart to see that Jack made it through with flying colours :oD
    We wish him a speedy recovery.

  2. Kaitlin Hazen says:

    Hi Jack and Jodi!
    I’ve been reading the blog everyday for updates and am praying for you guys a lot!! I’m glad to hear everything is going as planned – and my mom is keeping me posted when she gets calls from Mrs. Frers.
    We are sending you all our love and our best.
    Kaitlin Hazen xo

  3. The Ivan Family says:

    Dear Jack, We’re so proud of you and so glad to hear you made it through Day 2 with all the bravery you are so well known for!

    We are praying for you and send our best wishes that this surgery will help lead your doctors to a cure!

    With all our love,
    Kristi, Darryl, Luke and Paige

    P.S. Luke says he hopes the power of Arceus is helping to keep Jack strong and mighty!!

  4. The Morneau Family says:

    Jack – You did such an amazing job today recovering from surgery, and we are so very proud of how brave you were! We are praying for you that you have a peaceful sleep tonight, and are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We love you very much!

    Auntie TamTam, Uncle JJ, Abby, Benny, and Joshua

  5. Mari Smyth says:

    Wonderful news, we are so proud of you Jack (and family)! Our thoughts are with you. Mrs. Smyth E.C. Public School

  6. Jen Di Fronzo says:


    I knew you would race to the finish line, my prayers are continous for you during your nights & days. I can’t wait to come visit you and we can read all your favourite stories!!

    Continue to be strong and brave, your my little hero and everyones inspiration…

    Miss Jennifer

  7. The Klein's says:

    Congrats Jack! You are such a brave little boy! We can’t wait to see you in the summer all better and running around the sandstone neighbourhood! All the best to you and give mom and dad and Christopher a big hug from everyone too.
    The Klein’s, Peabody and Felix

  8. Rev. Mike says:

    Hi Jack, wow you are doing so well – I know that your mummy and daddy, and Christopher are so proud of you.

    Hope to see you real soon,

    Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Mike

  9. Jenny & Andrew Walton says:

    Dear Jodi, Dave, Jack & Christopher.

    You are so much in our Prayers today and I think in the prayers of half of the GTA. Stay strong and remember Jack is in such wonderful hands at Sick Kids.

    Mikey said to tell Jack he is as brave as Luke Skywalker! (when I asked him why Luke Skywalker was so brave – he said Jack will know he has seen all the movies!!)

    Sending all our love and encouragement.
    Jenny, Andrew, Mikey, Emma, & Elizabeth.

  10. Maxwell Family says:

    Hi Jack, Jodi, Dave and Christopher,

    We are thinking of you -Jack and your family! I know you will be strong, brave and the surgeries will continue positively. Hope really happens!

    Love Lindsay, Trish, Dave & Laura Maxwell

  11. The Morrison Family says:

    We were thrilled to read that Jack is doing so well. Jack — you are a strong little boy and we hope you’ll be winning lots of DS games very soon! Jodi, David, John, Barbara and family — we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. John & Les Anne

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