No seizures since last Monday!

Monday 9:30

After bravely coping with thousands of seizures over the years, Jack has now been seizure-free for one week!!!  The seizures could return over the next days, weeks, or years but today we celebrate another healthy day for Jack!!!!

Jack still remains incredibly weak and in some pain at times, but has gone for several rides in the reclined wheelchair.  Yesterday Dave brought him in a nerf blaster gun and Jack loved it.  My fear is that Jack’s doctors and nurses, particularly the ones who give needles, will start to be on the receiving end of the darts as Jack gets stronger 🙂

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  1. Rev. Mike says:

    Hi Jack,

    What an absolutely amazing guy you are – you look so ‘cool’ in the wheelchair (although we all know it is a mobile transponder, don’t we!). Now be careful where you aim that blaster gun – remember, only the ones who give needles, right!

    Jodi, Dave, and Christopher – with each passing day you are one step closer to recapturing ‘normality’. It will be quite an adjustment for you all, but you do not walk alone.

    Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Mike

  2. Darcy and Murray says:

    Thank the Lord!

  3. June says:

    Hi Jack and Jodi, Dave and Christopher,
    What great news to start the week with! You do look cool in your mobile transponder – hope it takes you to interesting places. Before you know it you are going to be blasting that nerf gun outside! Keep up the good work!
    Take care of yourselves and each other. June

  4. christy shake says:

    dear jodi,

    excellent news! ahhhhh, seizure freedom. i will live vicariously through you and jack! thank you.


  5. Deirdre Heron says:

    That is such wonderful news. Jack is such a strong little man and we pray for him everyday!

    Wishing you all a great week.


  6. The Ivan Family says:

    Keep going Jack! So wonderful to hear the good news!

    With love,
    Kristi, Darryl Luke and Paige!

  7. Anne McEachnie says:

    Hey Jack that is fantastic a week with out sparks, and can I borrow your nerf blaster,
    I just might need it… Jodie and Dave the mountains tointo hills for now so its not so hard to climb, But faith does’s alot to keep one going God speed in the healing process Just try not to jump up as that is what I do and endup on the floor, for a time.
    Just so Jack knows that they get realy angrey at puns to the iv team and blood testing,
    But I think your doing great, for a little brother.

  8. jenny says:

    Ha Ha Jodi – your sense of humour is still well and alive….I can absolutely see those poor hard suffering nurses receiving some Nerf Blaster shots if they don’t give Jack some peace and quiet!! Perhaps we should make him a big star wars target so he can take his frustrations out on something other than the amazing staff at Sick Kids (I will get my kids to start crafting one)!

    He is still looking amazing and I am delighted to hear he is still seizure free. Hope Jack’s pain eases over the next while.


  9. Way to go Jack!
    Bet you can’t get me with that Nerf Blaster.
    You keep getting stronger everytime I see you- pretty soon you, your dad and I can do a race around the hospital.
    See you soon.

  10. Auntie Eleanor says:

    Thanks for keeping us all informed on the blog – – A. Marlene calls every morning & asks me to read it to her.
    I share your joy & excitement with every little step of progress Jack makes.
    My love to all of you.
    Continuing to pray, A. Eleanor

  11. Rose and Lauren says:

    Lookin’ good Jack!

    Im so happy to hear about your good news. Your going to be running around in no time! Way to go!

    Rose and Lauren

  12. Gwen says:

    wow Jack, I bet it felt good to get out of bed for a while…you are looking great!

  13. Nathalie Pignatiello says:

    Hi Jack! so nice to see the twinkle in your eyes coming back…what a trooper…wow 1 week is definitely something to celebrate. I wish you a life time being seizure free.

    P.S. we miss your mommy here at the office and our running group. Keep taking good care of her.


  14. The Kidson Family says:

    So great to see Jack up and about!!! We think of you all constantly and say a prayer for Jack each and every night!! What an amazing little boy!

  15. Lauren Unger says:

    I look forward to reading your blog every day and reading how Jack is making progress in his recovery! He’s an amazing kid!!

  16. Pam Leonard says:

    Hi Jack,
    I have just caught up with all Mummies Blogs about you, you are one amazing
    little fellow, my hope is that you continue to make progress and will be out
    and about running around soon, I have taken a little gift into the Church for
    you but everyone seems to have a bad cold at the moment, so the first one to
    visit you will bring it. Give my love to Mummy, Daddy and Christopher we are
    all still praying for you. Lots of love and a big hug ‘Auntie Pam’

  17. Henry & Mary says:

    Keep fighting Jack!
    Just not with your blaster gun.
    Be strong and courageous, and we hope
    and pray no more seizures.
    love, henry & mary

  18. The Gales Family says:

    Great news Jack – enjoy your new nerf gun
    Love Lucy Eric Sam and Alice

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